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Protect yourself with buying equipment privately

With recent equipment shortages, private sales are becoming more common. Here are some simple ways to ensure your protected:

  1. Compare the same asset with others listed online to verify the selling price being asked is fair given the current market

  2. Verify the serial number/VIN- ensure the serial number/VIN number is correct for the asset it is attached to

  3. Have the asset inspected - ensure there are no major issues with the unit that are not being disclosed

  4. Pull searches on the asset and seller - your local registry can verify if there are any liens on the asset or general security agreements on the seller that can effect the ownership switching to you

  5. If the asset is a vehicle, pull a Carfax report - verify the history of the vehicle before buying. By visiting ,you can check liens, accidents, history and more

When financing your unit through Lionhart Capital, we take care of the comparables, verifying the serial number/VIN, Carfax, lien searches, and any corresponding waivers required with no additional cost to you. APPLY NOW

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