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Top 10 trucking & transportation apps

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

A recent survey asked truckers and transportation business owners how they

were using their mobile devices. Here are the results:

  • 57 % use their cell phones to keep track of daily business

  • 37 % use mobile apps to acquire and schedule loads

  • 33 % used trucker apps for weather, fuel prices, and traffic conditions

  • 20 % use their mobile apps to stay connected with family and friends

  • 20 % said because of mobile apps they no longer need to carry laptops on their trucks

Business Apps

Trucking owner-operators and fleet owners have founds apps on their mobile devices

a great way to leave their bulkier laptops at home while managing their business on the road or in the field. Below are some suggestions helping transportation companies keep track of their business.

tpMobile is a mobile app that runs on Android devices and allows access to the Xata Turnpike system, helping companies track driver activity, service logs, speed, carrier risk scorecard, productivity, fuel consumption and more. With Xata Turnpike’s full range of compliance management solutions you will stay compliant and in service. Also includes support for Canadian regulations.

uShip is an app allowing trucking and transportation companies to bid on loads.The app provides real-time alerts when businesses or customers have loads that need to be shipped.

CamScanner is an app that turns your mobile device into a document administrator allowing your to high-resolution snapshots saved to the cloud. Included document management, image editor and hand written annotation.

TransFlo is another business process automation app for commercial drivers, fleets and brokers. All-in1 software for telematics, data, scanning, document management making it easier for drivers to get paid quicker.

BigRoad Trucking Logbook allows truckers to improve their log book calculations and drivers reviews say it’s easy to use and reliable as well as paperless.

TruckerPath is probably the most popular trucker app in the market. It allows you to discover parking availability and reviews of truck stops and their amenities, the status of weigh stations - and includes fuel prices, truck washes, navigation and a host of other tools.

GasBuddy finds the best gas price, anywhere. You can also sort and search by amenities, fuel types and brands and as well as a trip cost calculator.

CoPilot Truck GPS offers accurate, truck-legal navigation and can also measure driver performance with post-trip analysis of planned versus actual routes as well as enhance customer service and on-time deliveries with accurate, dynamic ETA’s based on real world road conditions.

Waze is another alternative GPS solution to Apple’s Maps or Google Maps - and it offer much, much more. Notification for traffic conditions, accidents, police report and hazardous conditions. It suggests alternative routes that can safe time and also has gas price notifications.

Skype is an international communication app that allows you to communicate with family and friends, no matter where you are. Skype offers video chat, calls to landlines as well as receiving texts, calls and voicemails.

Technology is changing the way truck drivers and fleet owners manage their businesses. From improving safety, efficiency, productivity and lowering costs - there's an app for that.

If you use apps not listed here that make your job or business life easier, be sure to share it below in the comments section.

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